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    SWF Private Investigations

    Private Investigation Services -

    Locating missing persons, loved ones, runaway juveniles, missing children or reluctant witnesses: Let us serve you by striving to locate them using our many sources of information. Additionally, we are very capable of finding people through the old fashioned methods of lead procurement and following through using neighborhood canvassing, telephone pre-texting (through legal means only) and data base verifications.

    Not only can we help you locate your witnesses, our investigators have conducted hundreds if not thousands of interviews during our career inside and outside of the criminal justice system. Let us put our specialized services to work for you to get those crucial facts that you will need to solve your case.

    Adoption: If you are looking for your "birth" parents, brothers and sisters or that "loved one" whom you made the "ultimate sacrifice" for, let our investigators help you in your quest. We will always strive to maintain the strict confidentiality requirements, needs and wishes of both parties. As with all locate services, the contacted party must agree to receiving your telephone call, visit or message.

    The service of legal process: We specialize in using our locating skills in the process of services. Give us your hard cases and let us work for you to successfully serve hard-to-reach witness or defendant.

    Privacy and stalker protection, threat assessment: We can assist you in a threat analysis and help you devise methods to protect yourself, your family and your property. We can also help you in finding the means to collect evidence which can be presented to law enforcement personnel to prosecute those offenders that that threaten you, your loved ones and / or your property.

    Surveillance services, Insurance Fraud, Workers Comp., Domestic, Child Support, Alimony: We are able to conduct static and mobile surveillance to help you ascertain whether that employee, who claims to be injured, really is injured. We can provide proof of their activities, and if those activities fall outside of of their injury claim. Don't settle that injury suit until you are sure they really are injured. Call your attorney and recommend us to fulfill your needs to know the truth.

    Insurance Activity Checks: In addition to working for insurance companies and business owners to investigate actual / supposed injuries, our investigators cover the entire state to insure that those who are injured, and are receiving disability payments, do so in a timely manner. Let us help you in checking up on these individuals, their claims checks, and that they are still alive and well.

    Domestic: Is your domestic partner/significant other or spouse cheating on you? Let us put our expertise on your side. Let us check out check out what is really happening when they claim to be working that extra 8 hour shift or that overnight business trip. Is your partner gone for less than an overnight stay? We can still assist you in finding out what is happening locally.

    Child Support or Alimony: Are you supposed to receive child support or alimony payments from your ex-spouse, but don't because they "don't" or "can't" work? Let us help you find out the truth. We may be able to secure the necessary proof you need to present to the courts for review to receive what is rightfully yours.

    The other side of the coin is what happens when payments are supposed to be stopped when circumstances are changed. Unfortunately, some people are dishonest and don't notify you, or the court when their payments should be decreased.

    In short, they use this as an opportunity to essentially steal from you through deceptive means. Let us at Southwest Florida Private Investigations help you and you attorney to stop their deceptive practices. We can help in finding out whether your ex is in a cohabitation with a new boyfriend / girlfriend, or has gotten a second job, or even if they just went back to work.

    Pre-martial, relationship screenings: Never let those horror stories you read in about in the newspaper happen to you! Our investigators can check out your beloved's bona fides and let you know if they are telling the truth.

    Personal or executive protection: Jim Gallagher has had extensive experience in transporting dangerous felons to and from confinement facilities in NYC without loss or injury to himself or others. Let him and our other law enforcement trained operatives place their valuable professional knowledge and experience to work for you! We can help provide you with threat assessment and protection services and while your 'e away from your home our security staff can assist you in the protection of your home.

    Local and national background investigations: In today's litigious environment you must be aware of the background of all your employees and tenants. Southwest Florida Private Investigations can assist you in making a more informed decision. To do so, we offer the following services:

    Pre-Employment Screening: Has the job applicant completed all he course-work necessary for the degree he/she has listed on the resume? Is the college or academic institution fully licensed and accredited by a nationally recognized association? Have they "forgotten" to include information that would lead you to reject their application?

    You know, little things such as work related criminal convictions, multiple motor vehicle law violations, suspension of licenses while applying for a driving job with your company, or complaints of abuse or convictions while applying for work as an caregiver to the elderly or as a nanny to your children. Employers have been found liable when they failed to conduct background investigations on employees after those employees have injured innocent third party customers and or fellow employees.

    Contractor / Subcontractor Screening: You wouldn't go to a restaurant and order food to eat without looking at the condition of the restaurant, would you? Yet, people hire individuals and companies to work for them sight unseen.

    A relatively small investment in money could secure our assistance in reviewing that new contractor / subcontractor and possibly save you thousands of dollars. If you are a seasonal resident of Charlotte County Florida, or in the Southwest Florida area, don't you want licensed, insured companies or individuals to work on your residence while you're away? Let Leo Securities Inc., watch your residence and Southwest Florida Private Investigations operations check out those who would be in your home while your away.

    Pre-Tenant Screening: We all like to meet new friends and acquaintances, but when you rent out your prized possession wouldn't you really want to know who's moving in? What has been the experience of that last few landlords for you potential new tenants? What do their former neighbors think?

    Our local operations are willing to go the extra mile to find out what you need to know to reach a more knowledgeable business decision. Did they move to Southwest Florida from out-of-state? In most cases, this is not a problem. We have contacts with affiliates from all over the United States and the world. Let us put our resources to work for you.

    Accurate, convincing, professional reports: The true sign of an effective private investigator is the ability to write concise, accurate reports. Your private investigator is worth nothing if the report can not be used by you, or your legal team to offset allegations or prove the facts of your case. Southwest Florida Investigations Inc., operatives will always attempt to supply reports that are unbiased and accurately report only the facts of the case in a timely manner.

    Expert locate and interview services: Not only can we help you locate your witnesses, our private investigators have conducted hundreds if not thousands of interviews during our careers inside and outside of the criminal justice system. Let us put our specialized services to work for you to get those crucial facts that you will need to solve your case.

    Civil, personal injury and family law casework: With over 50 years experience with legal matters allow us to work smoothly with attorneys, the courts and the law enforcement community for the benefit of our clients.

    Polygraph Services: When you need to know with a greater degree of certainty that your employees are being truthful, call us for examination services.

    TCSM (Technical Counter Surveillance Measures): Are you being "bugged"? Let our specialists perform an electronic sweep of your residence, or business for electronic listening devices.  

    SWF Private Investigations
    Private Investigation Services -

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