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    Lyons Investigations


    Insurance Fraud: Since 1993, Lyons Investigations has provided comprehensive and thorough investigations for the insurance industry. The professionalism and understanding of an insurance liability claim is essential to the success of the claims investigation. Lyons Investigations provides surveillance evidence to their clients that frequently results in dropped claims and in some cases have precipitated legal prosecution. Complex and highly contestable claims should be investigated by experts like Susan Lyons. Lyons Investigations can assist insurers in reducing unnecessary losses due to fraudulent claim activity or inflated claim losses.

    Civil Matters: Civil investigations conducted by Lyons Investigations are investigated in an aggressive and precision fact finding manner for the attorney to apply the law in his case. Lyons Investigations provides the legal community with expert interviewing, evidence gathering and statements obtained that assists the attorney in achieving the desired result for his client. Attorneys expect a civil investigation to include witness interviews and for all parties involved in the litigation to be located and interviewed. All evidence collected, whether it is physical evidence, documentary or testimonial, will be obtained in timely manner, allowing the attorney ample time to prepare the case for his client and for court proceedings.

    Domestic Issues/Infidelity: We tell our clients in our free consultation that if it “rattles like a snake and slithers like a snake, it’s a snake.” When a partner or spouse begins to show telltale signs of a short temper or change in demeanor, unusual phone calls at night or on the cell phone, obvious appearance changes and unaccounted absences or lateness, these and other signs are indicative of cheating. We can answer the unanswered questions for you and provide you with an investigation that includes photos, videos, and documented reporting of the activity of your partner or spouse. Having the facts in front of you can sometimes make or break the relationship. Some of our clients have actually found our investigation a wake up call and survived the infidelity. We will also work with you and your attorney if necessary. Call today for a free consultation.

    Asset Searches: Lyons Investigations provides several types of asset searches for our clients. We will customize your search based on the nature of your inquiry. We provide searches for due diligence and post-judgment matters. The scope and depth of a search by Lyons Investigations will be contoured specifically to your objective. We will follow all applicable state and federal rules when conducting these searches. Examples of our searches include:

    • Bankruptcies
    • Business Ownership
    • Liens/Judgments
    • Corporate Affiliations
    • Employment
    • Financials
    • Motor Vehicles, Aircraft, and Watercraft
    • Property Ownership
    • UCC’s

    Background Investigations: A background investigation is a nationwide search. We provide our background investigative results to businesses, individuals, and the legal community. Our background investigations provide detailed information about companies and individuals. Lyons Investigations has access to numerous public and proprietary data sources that enable us to obtain the information you seek. All reports are highly detailed and are guaranteed to provide you with the information you are looking for. A background investigation generally includes:

    • Subject's Name and any Aliases
    • Number of Social Security numbers used
    • Address History
    • Other Residents of Household
    • Possible Relatives
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Bankruptcies
    • Tax Liens & Judgments
    • Workplace
    • UCC Filings
    • Corporate Affiliations
    • Sex Offender registration
    • Drivers License Information
    • Vehicle Registrations
    • Vessels Owned and Pilots Licenses
    • Aircraft Owned
    • Professional Licenses
    • Average Household Income in Neighborhood
    • Average Cost of Residences in Neighborhood
    • Neighbors and their names, addresses, and telephone
    • Real Property Ownership
    • Owners of Current Residence
    • Owners of Past Residences

    Activity Checks: Many cases and insurance claims are most effectively investigated by first initiating an activity check. An activity is also called a lifestyle check. We can provide you valuable information before considering surveillance or other forms of investigation. Activity checks can be performed in the field or via telephone. We are committed to contouring your activity check specifically to your needs.

    Locating Missing Persons: Whether your missing person is a witness, relative, friend, or if it involves an alimony matter or child support issue, we will locate that person for you. Lyons Investigations has access to some of the largest database systems today. Utilizing technology, information, and specialized investigative procedures, Susan Lyons been able to locate persons that others have given up hope of ever finding. Don't give up on the hard to find person, put Lyons Investigations to work for you today.

    Prenuptial Investigations: Before taking the giant leap of marriage, have Lyons Investigations insure that there are no surprises once you are legally married. We provide our services to all persons who are legally allowed to marry in Massachusetts and New Hampshire without prejudice. Our investigative results are extensive, reasonably priced, comprehensive and confidential. Prenuptial investigations are a combination of asset and background searches. They are conducted in both the field and with computerized searches.

    Pre-employment and Tenant Screening: Lyons Investigations will conduct searches to insure that the people you are considering hiring have provided you with factual and accurate documentation regarding their past work history and skills. Too often employers find that the resume embellishments were not only embellishments but have no factual validity at all. College degrees are often purchased and added to resumes without the prospective employee having actually taken a single class in the profession. We provide this service to Human Resource Departments, large corporations and small businesses. Prospective tenants can be evasive when providing information relative to their previous residences and reasons for terminating lease agreements. Property owners need to know that a prospective tenant was evicted or filed a liability claim against a previous property owner’s policy. We will verify application information and present you with a complete report related to a prospective tenant’s background, assets, and past residential and legal behavior.

    Teen Investigations: Too often a parent has the feeling that their teen is not being honest and forthright about where they are going and who they are with. Lyons Investigations has provide hundreds of parents with peace of mind, discreet, investigations that verify their teenager’s activities. Whether it is after school, evening, or weekend activities, Lyons Investigations can verify whether or not your teen is where they say they will be and with whom you expect them to be with. These investigations are conducted discreetly without the teen becoming suspicious of being watched. No parent wants to experience the 2:00 a.m. knock at the door with tragic news. Call for a free consultation today and sleep well tonight. We are here to provide you with peace of mind.

    Lyons Investigations

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